About Radmer

Radmer Lenasch

Radmer Lenasch is a transformative artist, who uses his creativity as a catalyst for self exploration. He was born in Durban, South Africa on the 6th of August 1976.

As an artist, Radmer is self taught. He started drawing at the late age of 21 and felt  an immediate connection. His painting is mostly done in oil. He is influenced and inspired by the natural world and uses his observation of its varying patterns and textures to explore human archetypes. His paintings also draw on his extensive travel experiences, through which he delves into fundamental existential questions. He defines his art in the following way: “Ärt is an intentional self-expression of subjective life experience that encourages the exploration of  our collective universal existence.”

Now living back in South Africa – He hopes to make the land and his painting grow.

Pumula gamnandhi



Peace and Love