Every now and then, everything comes together in such a way that you recognise the opportunity to acknowledge how easily everything can come together. That is how this painting unfolded.

Meet Kristin, a Vancouver Island local who has adopted the KZN south coast in South Africa for many years as her current home. Her and her family have connected with this part of the coast and share a strong bond to the ocean. So in memory of being so far away from her homeland for so long, Kristin commissioned me to paint a picture of somewhere…west coast Vancouver Island. She wanted it to hang above the firplace of her family’s new home. And she wanted it stormy. So needles to say, I was delighted to take on the project because being well traveled myself, I could relate to the pangs and devotion of missing what you feel strongly connected to.

So with much respect, I set out researching elements of that famously beautiful part of the world. The pines, the rocks, the water, o’ the water. Vancouver Island has some of the most picturesque surf in the world. I have never been myself, but as a boy, I had seen, and fallen in love with the place, through surf mags. Images of the well forested headlands with trees so close to the shoreline; it was an enchanting sight for me, well contrasted with the long beachies and piers of Durban where I grew up

Much gratitude, love, and respect to Kristin and her family for the chance to ‘go there’ and the freedom to imagine this painting. It will in no doubt become one of the many existing reasons that will in someway, somehow, hopefully get me there in person.

Somewhere Dear – Oil on canvas- 1.5m x 75cm – 2019- Commissioned by private collector.

Peace and Love