This all happened so fast.  I received a call about a wall from a very passionate man named Torin. He wanted a wave painted in his living room.  The wall size was 8m x 2.5m. He asked if I wanted to paint it. Ha ha ha ho ho he he PAINT WAVES! A big one, 8m long, barreling???? I replied absoulutely, naturally.

We met and it was arranged that Monday morning at 8:00 am,  I would be there to paint something like a Right Hander in a place like the Kei, partially cloudy and cooking, across his living room wall. And I would paint it all in one day.

So yesterday was Monday and I share now some images of how it evolved. Thanks again Torin and Ruth for letting me have such a good ride. I hope you guys get barreled for many years to come, and when you want to switch to your forehand Torin,  I would be happy to come make it a left. Shaap Boet.


11:00 am





Kei Right – 8m x 2.5m mural. (27.02.2017)

Thanks again.

Peace be your Journey