Thanks to Marcus at Hole in The Wall Pizza for the opportunity to spread some creative loving this year.  Tatum and I had a chance to work together again and the results and process was magic. The brief was short but sweet and something we could both get our hearts into: Baobab/ Hole in wall/ Nature.

So it took us 3 days cause of the newness of the process, but soon we were flowing.

Day one: Tatum is up the ladder in a beautiful setting and after a few lines, we were off.

The idea was developed to create a visual effect of a doorway where there would be a contrast between reality and some graphic line work.

Radmer came with the sea, land, and sky.

By the end we were very excited to try this idea out again, using our individual strengths. The world needs more doorways, so thanks to Marcus again and if anyone wants a custom mural by the True Routes team please leave a message and we will be happy to talk about your idea.

The end of the last day- two stoked creatives.

Peace and Love to you all.