Everyday, at a certain time, the sunlight of the setting sun, shines through a crack in the curtain, and lights up a specific patch on the canvas.

I have experienced this for a couple of months now. If I am painting around sunset, there is always this time when I find myself, watching this patch of very ambient light, track across the canvas. In those moments I have found that it is best to just stop painting. It lasts for about 5 minutes, and in that time I have started acknowledging the moment, and the work with pure presence. I have come to believe that in those moments, my composition is for a brief window, complete.

Also in this special time, I have started acknowledging that perhaps my life is concurrently as complete, up to that point. In these 5 minutes or so, I’m grounded, the world is reflecting reality that just is and I enjoy a very rare period of no expectation for what comes next.¬† Everytime the patch lights up, I am reminded that every moment, every life’s work, if we look at it with pure presence, is complete. It just takes the right timing, and the right lighting on the matter, to remind me to accept this, even when things feel challenging. So, if I am honest with my perspectives I would have to say that The Good, The Bad, and even The Ugly, just got a new friend because of this moment. Its name is The Beautiful, aka The Now # Present, without obsession or expectation.

This image was taken a few days ago. Around 4:55pm July 2016. I was painting the sky of my J-bay.


Like many, I am grateful for the impulse to Stop!  I wonder about all the beautiful phenomina that happen everywhere, all the time, just because the right things come together at the right time. All that is requiored is for us to observe  the capacity for these moments to move us, or in this case, stops us, long enough to acknowledge the potential for time to arrange all sorts of Beautiful at any given moment.

Peace, love and good timing to you all.