The Water in the Water.

I am humbled by the coast-line and the oceans move me. So when it comes to my surf paintings, I do not blur reality or try to interpret too much what I see. Out of respect. Our oceans are  natural wonders, and it is my sacred homage, to honor them, by painting them just as they are.

Having said this, where there is paint, there is always a connection to creative consciousness. For me it is like dipping into a huge cauldron of soup. So even when I wave paint, I am always surprised at how the image reveals itself on the canvas. It is all meditation.

When I paint from the inside, and when I look closely to paint the outside, there is always a flowing free creative energy. Sometimes I think this is the true blessing of visual art. It allows us to express  both internal and external landscapes, or in my case, seascapes.

Peace and love on your Journey, and enjoy the waves!