I distinguish my paintings as either Surf Painting or Source Paintings. The reason I make this distinction is to provide an easy way of navigating my different content and styles.

So what is Source Painting?

I paint as a way of revealing my own perception of the world. And I am passionately devoted to exploring this perception.

It seems to me that most artists, when involved in their creative acts, experience a meditative state. A state of pure creative flow. For myself, the outside world dissolves a little, a loosening of the senses even. This meditative state is when I feel most alive, and is an optimum platform for free creative expression. A higher vibration.

Paintings that I have painted in this meditation, in this state of pure creative flow, I now refer to as Source paintings.


caught inside

Caught inside – Oil on canvas -76cm x 54cm- 2010


See Level

See Level – Acrylic on canvas- 99cm x 79cm- 2016

As I introduce new paintings, I will illustrate more of what I have tried to explain here about Source Painting. For now thanks for taking the time to read this and for supporting my art.

Peace and love on your Journey